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Suihi Enogu

Suihi Enogu


We recommend Suihi Enogu for beginners as it is fine, comes in many different colors, is easily applied and offers a high degree of mixing freedom.
There are 500 gram boxes as well as 70 cc and 20 cc bottles available for purchase.
The minimal order is 1 box for 250 and 500 gram boxes, 1 box (6 bottles) of 70 cc bottles and 1 box (3 bottles) of 20 cc bottles.

写真は20cc ビン入り(左)、70cc ビン入り(右)です。
This photo shows 20 cc bottles (left) and 70 cc bottles (right).

写真は500g 箱入です。250g箱入もございます。
This photo shows a 500 gram box. There is also a 250 gram box available.